Ukraine War Relief Fund

Grace Evangelical Church is collecting humanitarian and monetary donations for citizens and refugees of Ukraine. 


A 5-week Nicaragua trip with the Bridge to Grace Ministries team. The team visited and evangelized in Managua and Ubú Norte churches and an orphanage. In addition the team had opportunities to show the Jesus film and invited people to receive Jesus.



GEC has partnered with Bishop Jacob’s India organizations that include orphanages, Bible colleges, leper colonies, water well planting, and medical clinics.

Feed My Sheep

Irina is the secretary on the Board of Directors at Feed My Sheep. She also helps prep and serve meals, and works to build relationships with those that she serves so that they experience God’s love through the ministry.




Leo Semchishin and his team are currently working to build a rehabilitation center for disabled children and young adults. 


Several groups of missionaries have visited Spain to support our brothers and sisters that have migrated from Ukraine to Spain. The goal is to support churches both spiritually and financially.



A group of missionaries visits Mexico on a regular basis to support local missionary group. Their mission is to provide support and expertise when a need arises. Some projects included installing a new roof, pouring of concrete floors and remodeling. Our church members have donated clothes and food to support the locals.


SFG Ministries

Alex Meleshchuk and Victor Shishlo work with SFG to organize mission trips to various parts of the world, including Haiti and South Dakota.


Today’s Mission began its work in 2002 in region of Yakutia, Russia. Since 2003, missionary groups have been visiting the region to support and evangelize the locals. By the grace of God, Today’s Mission is supporting 9 missionary families in 9 churches in Yakutia and another 5 missionary families in other regions of Russia.




Several groups had the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti. The first team had a construction-based goal to help build the missionary school. The second team served with the children and the medical clinics.