Today’s Mission

Today’s mission began its work since 2002. Viktor Shishlo received a revelation from God to evangelize Yakutia, Russia. In 2003 he started to organize missionary trips, and Viktor Burdak went with him and some other people as well. Yakutia is a big state of Russia, it covers 1/5 part of Russia, and only 1 million people live in it. Native people of Yakutia are: Yakuti, Evenki, and other small native groups. Native population are mostly gentiles and worship idols and other gods, other part of the population is Slavic people and mostly orthodox. At that time there were no Pentecostal churches in Yakutia, except few groups that opened in 1990’s. Since 2003 till 2008 Viktor Shishlo and Viktor Burdak was working together on the missionary field, and with God’s blessings and with “Grace Evangelical church” support, there were many missionary trips accomplished, many evangelical meetings as well as many social projects were done! Missionaries visited many towns with Gospel, in some of them Gospel were preached for the first time! By 2008 we had 5 new churches and groups in the northern side of Yakutia.


In 2008 Viktor Shishlo, Viktor Burdak and Viktor Prozapas founded Christian nonprofit organization “Today’s mission” in Columbus, OH and started to do missionary work officially. In partnership with Pentacostal assemblies in Russia, mission started to send full time missionaries to places with a Christian group and to open a new churches. Every winter group of missionaries with local ministers went to evangelize towns in the norther side of Yakutia and visit existing churches and groups.  Missionary conferences held in Yakutia on February every year to work with missionaries and new believers. Big part of “Todays mission” ministry became financially supporting missionaries, building churches and many different evangelical projects. In 2014 was opened first missionary bible school in Yakutia, and in 2017 with God help building for Bible school was build.
At the current time “Today’s mission” by the grace of God is supporting 9 missionary families in 9 churches in Yakutia and 5 missionary families in other places in Russia. The main church in Yakutia is about 100 people, and this is the biggest church in Yakutia, all the other ones are from 15–50 people. Also, there are 4 rehab centers in Yakutia now.  By this time Today’s mission with God blessings were able to build 2 rehab centers, Bible school and 4 churches, also 4 churches, and 1 rehab center are in the process of construction now. For the last two years “Today’s Mission” were able to help 4 churches, in other places in Russia, with finishing to build their church buildings. We thank God for the opportunity to be on the mission for God. We want to invite everyone to connect to the mission of God by supporting “Today’s mission” financially to support missionaries or to build churches, also you can go with us on the mission trip. Don’t forget praying for “Today’s mission” ministry, because we need God’s blessings in expanding the Kingdom of God.
Viktor Burdak, Viktor Shishlo, Viktor Prozapas