Haiti – January 2019


By: Roksolana Moskvych

Hi, my name is Roksolana. I am one of 84 people who decided to start the year off by going to Haiti on a mission trip. This was my first trip to Haiti and I was a nurse on the medical team. Our medical team along with kids’ ministry was set to go into the mountains where we would be traveling to different villages to spread love and the gospel as well as treat many illnesses that the people had.
On the second day we set out on a very long and tiring 10-hour trip to Por-de-Paix. There was about one and a half hours left before the arrival to our destination when the accident happened. While trying to drive up a steep hill, the truck I was on, could not make up the hill which resulted in having to roll back and tip on its side.
The interesting part was that about five to ten minutes before that occurred, everyone on the truck shifted positions by either standing up or moving to a different part of the truck. This resulted in many of us avoiding many injuries.
Praise God for his protection over us because we are all alive and most of us had only bruises from this accident. While most may get discouraged and afraid after what happened, we were the opposite. I believe that the accident brought us closer together as a group where we all relied on and took care of each other. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for us, God really protected us and was with us that whole time.